Aviation Security Ltd and its training division A1 Aviation Security Training are leading U.K. specialists in worldwide aiaviation security training and consultancy, with a client base of airlines, shippers, known consignors, freight forwarders and regulated agents across the globe.

Governments worldwide are increasingly adopting a co-ordinated legislative approach to protecting passengers, crew, aircraft, cargo and aviation in general from threat. In the U.K. the National Aviation Security Programme (NASP) has, to a large extent, led the way and is held in high regard as a model by many other national governments.

Aviation Security Ltd and A1 Aviation Security Training provide advice, consultancy and aviation security training to shippers and freight forwarders seeking Government known consignor and regulated agent status. In addition, pre-validation and re-validation inspections are undertaken by DfT approved validators. Aviation Security Ltd provides the most comprehensive and up to date guidance concerning validation requirements (e.g. physical security, recruitment procedures, staff vetting, staff training, targetability, export packing, tamper evidencing etc.).

A1 Aviation Security Training provides DfT accredited training courses to regulated agents and known consignors. These include aviation security training cargo levels 'A' through 'G' (replacing previous DfT cargo levels '1' to '4') and the new 2012 known consignor syllabus. These courses can be delivered at client’s premises (thereby eliminating the costs of travelling, overnight accommodation and unnecessary staff downtime) or a convenient local venue. Course results are given on the day and certificates are provided to all candidates attending.

Aviation Security Ltd also provides a wide range of security products for the air cargo industry including an innovative range of tamper evidencing solutions.

Click here to view examples of some Tamper Evidencing Products available.

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